C2140-823 Rational Quality Manager V3 Exam (Exam 3)

C2140-823 Rational Quality Manager V3 Exam (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which two tasks does a test plan snapshot help with? (Choose two.)

  • IBM Rational Quality Manager out-of-the-box reports can be exported to which three...

  • Which three statements are true for a test plan? (Choose three.)

  • Which dashboard viewlet would be the best choice to find requirements that do not ...

  • In Rational Quality Manager, how do you evaluate the test execution status?

  • What are three acceptable parameters for the IBM Rational Quality Manager out-of-t...

  • IBM Rational Quality Manager out-of-box reports are grouped under which three them...

  • What are the possible states of a test plan in its state transition model?

  • RRDI supports which application server?

  • How do you find all the test artifacts that have the same tag? (Choose three.)

  • Which statement is true about connecting to an IBM Rational RequisitePro server?

  • What are three valid category types in Rational Quality Manager? (Choose three.)

  • What happens when migrating Rational ClearQuest TestManager product with associate...

  • What is the term for data collection jobs in Rational Quality Manager?

  • In a manual test script, what is the difference between an execution step and a re...

  • When using the manual tester migration utility, what does the manual test migratio...

  • Reports based on which technology provide traceability from requirements to defect...

  • Snapshots can be created in Rational Quality Manager for which three test assets? ...

  • Project level quality objectives in IBM Rational Quality Manager are made availabl...

  • How do you customize an out-of-the-box report to use a predefined set of parameter...

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