C2140-842 Rational Functional Tester for Java Exam (Exam 2)

C2140-842 Rational Functional Tester for Java Exam (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Given the following manual verification pointvpManual ("manual1", "The rain in Spa...

  • Which branches under Preferences contain specific settings to enable the ClearCase...

  • When you set break points, why does the script not stop at the break points and sw...

  • When you enable web browsers, what is the best way to select the Linux or UNIX web...

  • In which situation is it best to use the Browser Enablement Diagnostic tool?

  • You cannot access help file from Rational Functional Tester. You receive an error ...

  • Where do you set the option for switching to Test Debug perspective when debugging?

  • How do you add line numbers within the script editors view?

  • How many default Java environments can you have within one configuration of Ration...

  • What is the best practice when changing object maps that are already assigned to F...

  • How do you start the application under test?

  • While recording a script, the recording monitor _____.

  • What can be tested when recording a verification point?

  • What can you use to select an object as a verification point?

  • A recording is started by:

  • How do you stop recording?

  • Which three actions are possible with RFT? (Choose three.)

  • You must _____ a script with a datapool before substituting literal values in the ...

  • When is the best time to use data-driven testing?

  • Functional Tester allows you to import an external datapool from which of the foll...

Nov. 30, 2016
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