C2150-199 IBM Security AppScan Standard Edition Implementation v8.7 (Exam 1)

C2150-199 IBM Security AppScan Standard Edition Implementation v8.7 (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Do you need to install a license server for IBM Security AppScan Standard Edition ...

  • Given the following:Security IssuesWhich type of report is this an example of?

  • A website consist of several systems and they are separated by directories as foll...

  • Which two types of reports allow a user to import a custom .asreg file to specify ...

  • What is the purpose of the Automatic Form Fill in the scan configuration?

  • Which three environment definitions are options in Scan Configuration?

  • An AppScan user captured the following URLs during a recorded login:http://www.alt...

  • Which three reports layout options are available?

  • What information is available when a vulnerability is discovered via traditional d...

  • Which authentication method is supported when IBM Security Authentication Tester P...

  • You need a template-based report of all the issue ID and variants found by a scan....

  • Which two categories of Match Types can be used when specifying Automatic Form Fil...

  • Which three statements are true about configuring an IBM Security AppScan Standard...

  • The application you are testing contains links to external websites. You want to r...

  • Which type of attack steals a user's session cookie after the user browses to a we...

  • What are two acceptable methods to protect sensitive user data?

  • What are the two main components of the Glass Box agent?

  • Which three settings can you configure with AppScan Tools Options Scan Options?

  • What is the simplest method of determining the coverage of a scan configuration, w...

  • Why is it important to define error pages in IBM Security AppScan Standard Edition?

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