C2150-200 IBM Security Systems SiteProtector V3.0 - Implementation (Exam 1)

C2150-200 IBM Security Systems SiteProtector V3.0 - Implementation (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What is the recommended Unresponsive Agent group threshold for a large deployment ...

  • Which three installation types are supported for SiteProtector 3.0? (Choose three.)

  • Which script is run to configure Event Collector failover (EC)?

  • Which two versions of Windows server can be used for IBM SiteProtector 3.0 install...

  • Which two actions need to be completed before you begin to update the IBM SiteProt...

  • Which type of install should be used for a customer that has over 1.9 million even...

  • What are the default emergency purge settings for a SiteProtector database?

  • Which three Response Objects can be configured in IBM SiteProtector 3.0? (Choose t...

  • Which solution does IBM SiteProtector 3.0 supply for disaster recovery?

  • Which statement is true about modifying and controlling policy permissions in the ...

  • What is the purpose of the host configuration option in the IBM SiteProtector Secu...

  • Which function does Security Fusion Module have?

  • Which file must be modified to customize the location of Event Archiver log files ...

  • Which authentication mechanism can be used by SQL server cluster?

  • Which configuration file controls the size of the ADF file?

  • Which two integrations are available between SiteProtector 3.0 and QRadar products...

  • When setting up SSL encryption on an Event Collector installed on a 64 bit OS, wha...

  • Which step is required to reindex the RealSecureDB database?

  • Which tool is recommended for a customer, who wants to retain old event data from ...

  • Which information is required to install the Event Archiver?

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