C2150-200 IBM Security Systems SiteProtector V3.0 - Implementation (Exam 2)

C2150-200 IBM Security Systems SiteProtector V3.0 - Implementation (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What action has to be taken to preserve polices configured on an agent?

  • In which two situations would a multiple-site deployment be considered? (Choose two.)

  • Which log file has to be verified if the SiteProtector database failed to install?

  • A customer has two data centers on separate continents however the event load fits...

  • Which two options are available when registering legacy components? (Choose two.)

  • Which other IBM SiteProtector 3.0 core component should be checked to make sure it...

  • Which two license types can be used with SiteProtector agents? (Choose two.)

  • What is the correct order of steps in the IBM SiteProtector 3.0 Console to reach E...

  • Which agent is managed by IBM SiteProtector?

  • Which statement is true about deleting a saved report template in IBM SiteProtector?

  • Which policy is used to the configure the amount of time events are kept?

  • What is a small site installation of all SiteProtector components on a single comp...

  • Which two modifications can the Impact Analysis component make to a security event...

  • Which required network port must be open on the Agent Manager allowing the Event C...

  • What is the default frequency of IBM SiteProtector 3.0 for Checking IBM Security w...

  • Which criteria should be used to control the type of events you archive and help y...

  • Which settings control the frequency at which agents will be marked offline if the...

  • What is the maximum rate of events per day for a small deployment of SiteProtector?

  • What happens with an event if it is marked with the Cleared Flag check box?

  • How many computers are needed to setup a minimum deployment of SiteProtector?

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