C2150-810 IBM Security AppScan Source Edition Implementation (Exam 2)

C2150-810 IBM Security AppScan Source Edition Implementation (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Reports in AppScan Source Edition can be exported in which two formats?

  • Which two AppScan Source components can be used to generate reports?

  • Which two components are required to install AppScan Enterprise Server with report...

  • Which AppScan component is required to create PBSA rules?

  • You are reviewing a thick client application and come upon File Injection findings...

  • When scanning a PHP application, what will occur if the PHP Document Root was not ...

  • What are bundles in IBM Security AppScan Source?

  • Which features are provided by the AppScan Source for Analysis?

  • Which mechanism is used to share filtered results?

  • Where are two places you can open a saved bundle?

  • Your customer is a small-sized development company. They would like AppScan Source...

  • Which statement is true about AppScan Source's defect tracking system integration?

  • In order to publish Assessments to AppScan Enterprise Console for the first time, ...

  • When scanning a .NET application, an error is reported. AppScan indicates that sou...

  • You are reviewing a cloud storage locker application that is used to store and sha...

  • Which two languages can be scanned by the AppScan Source CLI?

  • Your customer wants to implement AppScan Source for a small security experts group...

  • A file with which file extension is created by the AppScan Source for Development ...

  • You are scanning a thick client application that receives data over a custom TCP/I...

  • How are safe sources dismissed during the triage process?

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