C2210-422 IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5 System Administration Core B (Exam 1)

C2210-422 IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5 System Administration Core B (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • To create public pages, what is the minimum role that a user must have?

  • The LDAP administrators tell Allen that his application is overloading the LDAP se...

  • Steve needs to collect performance data on his server. How would he view this data?

  • Which is true statement about XMLAccess?

  • Where does the synchronization process retrieve the master configuration in a clus...

  • Stan experienced an out-of-memory condition on IBM WebSphere Portal. He reviewed t...

  • Lukas is administering pages on an IBM WebSphere Portal that has four top labels: ...

  • Raul needs to install a new portlet to a clustered IBM WebSphere Portal environmen...

  • What items are syndicated when using the Live and Projects syndication?

  • Which option can help to troubleshoot problems with the ConfigWizard?

  • Frances created an application group, RestrictedAuthorsGrp1, and added several mem...

  • Which database does the empty-portal command impact?

  • What is the default timeout value, in minutes, of the LTPA token?

  • Lucas wants to allow anonymous users to search on his new website, which is create...

  • Alice has many IBM Web content Manager content items. She is concerned that syndic...

  • Larry has an IBM WebSphere Portal server that experienced a high CPU condition.Wha...

  • Which two features are available in the Selfcare / Profile Management portlet? (Ch...

  • In George's application, all Authenticated Portal Users can access the Home label....

  • The Syndicator status frequently hangs on "Pending" or on "Pending, Active".What c...

  • Which portlet is used to render content from another IBM Web Content Manager server?

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