C4040-221 AIX 7 Administration (Exam 6)

C4040-221 AIX 7 Administration (Exam 6)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Given the output below, what is the purpose of the ent5 and ent6 interfaces?

  • How will the following command change the datalv logical volume? chlv --e m datalv

  • What will the following script have NMON do?

  • Which of the following commands will display the current dump device settings?

  • After recovering the rootvg from a backup, how can an administrator determine whic...

  • When migrating an LPAR utilizing Live Partition Mobility (LPM), which statement is...

  • Based on the following topas output, what is the most cause for concern?

  • How can ssh access for root be disabled?

  • Which of the following statements is true about using crontab and at to execute ta...

  • What is the purpose of the certify operation against a local disk drive?

  • Consider the following screen capture.The administrator needs to add 512 MB of spa...

  • What are the three basic elements of RBAC in AIX?

  • Based on the following graphic, which physical adapter services fcs2?

  • Which resource is required to make the cluster configuration data available when u...

  • An administrator needs to list/query the security attributes for the WPAR syswpar1...

  • Which of the following is an AIX 7 Cluster Aware feature?

  • The cfgmgr command appears to be taking an excessive time to complete. The adminis...

  • An administrator is required to implement resource control for a running system WP...

  • Name resolution is not working on a given LPAR. Considering the observed behavior ...

  • A system dump has been initiated on an LPAR and LED code "0c1" is displayed, indic...

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