CAT-080 CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager r9 Administrator Exam (Exam 3)

CAT-080 CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager r9 Administrator Exam (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which constrain applies to locked preferences?

  • In the CA Spectrum architecture, which component is responsible for moving data be...

  • SpectroSERVER may at times receive SNMP traps from devices that are not yet modele...

  • In OneClick, each user account is assigned to one or more license categories. What...

  • What does CA Spectrum generate when it detects a fault?

  • Which statement about the fault-tolerant SpectroSERVER architecture is TRUE?

  • When might it be useful to use manual modeling?

  • In Distributed Data Manager (DDM), which file contains the information that contro...

  • Which CA Spectrum method of manual modeling should be your first choice for modeli...

  • What Enables you to achieve cross-landscape fault isolation in a distributed Spect...

  • Wich script is used for starting and stopping processd and all associated processes?

  • When recovering the primary server, what can you do to prevent gaps int network ma...

  • What is the purpose of a role?

  • Which change in the inherited portion of a security string enforces more stringent...

  • How does CA SPECTRUM model network devices that have an IP address not support Sim...

  • Why do CA SPECTRUM administrators implement Rule Sets?

  • From which elements are model types made?

  • Which component enables you to filter the alarms sent to Alarm Notifier?

  • What do you assign to specific network models to give security communities access ...

  • How are model types and attributes linked?

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