CAT-160 CA SiteMinder r12 Administrator Exam (Exam 1)

CAT-160 CA SiteMinder r12 Administrator Exam (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • If you are an administrator, but not a superuser administrator, you can: (Choose two)

  • Which assumption does CA SiteMinder make about a user directory by default?

  • Which symbol must a user class begin with?

  • Before an installed Web Agent can be used to protect applications, you must:

  • To modify the cookie domain you use the:

  • Which component of CA SiteMinder can be used to configure the scope and permissibl...

  • What is assigned to each authentication scheme?

  • User and administrator activity is recorded in the:

  • You are configuring cache and thread settings on the Policy Server Management Cons...

  • You can use HTTP header variables or cookies to transfer information between web a...

  • Which database model does the Policy Server require?

  • Which types of configuration files are stored locally on the web server and can be...

  • To help prevent performance issues, you want to install Report Server according to...

  • Which tool can be used to establish a trust relationship between the CA SiteMinder...

  • User attribute mapping enables you to:

  • Policies can grant access to users based on user information that exists in the us...

  • What are the default session settings in CA SiteMinder? (Choose two)

  • Which features characterize the J2EE application server agent? (Choose two)

  • Which log file holds log records for the CA SiteMinder user interface (UI)?

  • Two features of global policies are:

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