CAT-160 CA SiteMinder r12 Administrator Exam (Exam 2)

CAT-160 CA SiteMinder r12 Administrator Exam (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • You successfully install a CA SiteMindcr Web Agent. Then, if you perform the host ...

  • To turn on the tracing facility for all Policy Server actions, you:

  • Which benefits do agent groups provide? (Choose two)

  • Two important reasons why password policies are necessary are to:

  • Two benefits of password services are that they:

  • In relation to Agents, what does central configuration indicate?

  • One of the three cryptographic operating modes for securing CA SiteMinder data is ...

  • Where are named expressions stored?

  • Which statement about the audit log is TRUE?

  • When using the CA SiteMinder Web Agent to protect resources, the three resource ac...

  • What is the purpose of directory mapping?

  • The types of sample reports in CA SiteMinder are:

  • Which tool do you use to determine the identifiers of objects for a granular expor...

  • Examples of Web Agent interactions with a Policy Server include: (Choose three)

  • In CA SiteMinder, a Web Agent interaction determines whether an authenticated user...

  • When you install a CA SiteMinder Policy Server, you need to configure two service ...

  • Named expressions enable you to:

  • The CA SiteMinder WAN Administrative UI:

  • Which statement about the CA SiteMinder Extensible Policy Store (XPS) is TRUE?

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