CAT-221 CA Clarity PPM v13.x Professional Certification Exam (Exam 2)

CAT-221 CA Clarity PPM v13.x Professional Certification Exam (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Out of the box, which object actions can you create in CA Clarity PPM v13? (Choose...

  • Which CA Clarity PPM Connector helps you to integrate with BMC Remedy?

  • In which circumstance should you use a dynamic lookup?

  • A drilldown portlet can be (Choose two):

  • Which technology is Generic Execution Language (GEL) based on?

  • What are the three operations in the Audit Trail? (Choose three)

  • Before saving a Generic Execution Language (GEL) script in a process, it is recomm...

  • What is the default application server vendor for CA Clarity PPM v13?

  • "A basic service to support the management of a cluster"In the CA Clarity PPM, whi...

  • Which statement about deploying partitions is TRUE?

  • You are customizing CA Clarity PPM objects for your company. You want to attach a ...

  • You can visually customize the CA Clarity PPM user interface using a Cascading Sty...

  • When you use a partition model, which objects are configurable to a specific parti...

  • You need to export a single portlet that is contained within a dashboard. Which li...

  • When you configure Microsoft SQL Server for CA Clarity PPM, an open database conne...

  • You are creating a Generic Execution Language (GEL) script to invoke a web service...

  • After you populate the filter attributes of a filter portlet, you:

  • What is the default URL for accessing the CA Clarity PPM v13 application?

  • The XML Open Gateway (XOG) utility enables CA Clarity PPM developers to:

  • Which standard view is used to configure the grid listing of all the instances of ...

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