CQE Certified Quality Engineer Exam (Exam 6)

CQE Certified Quality Engineer Exam (Exam 6)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • The AQL for a given sampling plan is 1% this means that

  • What distribution is used to determine the OC curve for an attributes sampling plan?

  • Measurement gaging is preferable to go, no-go gaging of a quality characteristic b...

  • The basic elements of an ultrasonic test systems do NOT include which of the follo...

  • A lot is known to be 1.2% defective. Five units are randomly selected from the lot...

  • Given the following probabilities1 or more defects = .702 or more defects = .353 o...

  • An operation requires shipments from your vendor of small lots of fixed size. The ...

  • As the scatter of points about a regression line becomes less, r2 will

  • The critical value of the t-distribution is

  • To be effective, a corrective and preventive action system must have

  • The power of efficiency in designed experiments lies in the

  • Which table should be used to determine a confidence interval on the mean when sta...

  • Given that the population standard deviation is 6.8, what sample size is required ...

  • Given the data below is normally distributed, and the population standard deviatio...

  • Which of the following statements is CORRECT?

  • How many outcomes are possible when performing a single trial of a binomial experi...

  • Which of the following is a valid null hypothesis?

  • A two-way analysis of variance has r levels for one variable and c levels for the ...

  • One-way analysis of variance is MOST similar in its objectives to

  • The difference between setting alpha equal to 0.05 and alpha equal to 0.01 in hypo...

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