CSCP Certified Supply Chain Professional (Exam 15)

CSCP Certified Supply Chain Professional (Exam 15)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • How is the amount of variability in customer demand most often measured?

  • What portion of the supply chain predominantly focuses on service level?

  • In the process of cross-docking, warehouses rarely keep items for more than______.

  • What typically happens to safety stock, if a higher service level is desired?

  • Forecasts for which of the following would tend to be most accurate?

  • A survey of 3PL providers identified characteristics critical to the success of a ...

  • The variation in orders placed by retailers to suppliers in traditional retailer-s...

  • When establishing a retailer-supplier partnership, what typically happens to the f...

  • All of the following are challenges associated with a retailer-supplier partnershi...

  • What should happen to service levels when demand information is shared with tradin...

  • Under what condition does the costs associated with the market mediation function ...

  • Thinking in terms of which of the following promotes the broadest look at a compan...

  • What impact does the proliferation of product and service options have on forecast...

  • All of the following are reasons why companies are adding more services around the...

  • If there are 400 units available for sale and the relationship between demand and ...

  • Which formula below is used to calculate cash-to-cash cycle time?

  • Which measure below defines the number of days required to achieve an unplanned, s...

  • All of the following are effects of e-markets on suppliers EXCEPT:

  • Many startup e-markets offer all of the following EXCEPT:

  • What type of e-market would involve a single, typically large, buyer?

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