CSSBB Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (Exam 6)

CSSBB Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (Exam 6)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • A frequent cause of system sub optimization is:

  • Dr. W. Edwards Deming:

  • Successful SixSigma projects always:

  • Proposed SixSigma projects that are not in some way linked to organizational goals:

  • Dr. Joseph M. Juran:

  • An important step in determining the VOC is:

  • Quality Function Deployment is a tool to aid in:

  • A process produced 1394 units. During this time 11 defects were detected. The Roll...

  • The distribution is:

  • The mean of a Poisson distribution is 2.94. It's variance is:

  • Calculate the estimated variance of the population from which the following values...

  • An advantage of using standard deviation rather than range for measuring dispersio...

  • Data are collected in xy pairs and a scatter diagram shows the points are grouped ...

  • The mean, median and mode of a distribution have the same value. What can be said ...

  • Approximately what percent of the data values are smaller than the mean?

  • A normal probability plot is used to:

  • As opposed to earlier emphases lean manufacturing tends to stress:

  • Work performed by the payroll department is considered value added activity.

  • In the theory of constraints the "subordinate" step refers to:

  • This will be a:

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