IQ0-100 Certified Information Professional Examination (Exam 1)

IQ0-100 Certified Information Professional Examination (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which of the following is the most accurate description of tiered storage?

  • Corporate information governance is most likely to be successful when

  • A common characteristic of folksonomies is that they

  • A social media team should have representatives from which of the following areas?

  • An organization has just released a new. completely redesigned website. The websit...

  • A statement of work (SOW) for an information management project is intended to

  • The purpose of conducting a knowledge audit is to

  • Metadata types used for information management include which of the following?

  • Which of the following is the best basis for documenting costs and benefits of an ...

  • A means to capture, monitor, and leverage intellectual capital within communities ...

  • Vital records are defined as records that are fundamental to the functioning of an...

  • In which of the following is a user's navigation through an information space guid...

  • What is the primary purpose of a legal hold?

  • What type of information should be collected when conducting a data inventory?

  • The purpose of a separator sheet during document capture is to

  • The following factors should be considered when retaining or archiving electronic ...

  • A mobile satellite communications provider wants to use an enterprise portal(s) to...

  • Information maintained by an organization exists in multiple copies and formats. W...

  • Transactional content management solutions focus on which of the following activit...

  • Which of the following measures can be taken to secure information during web conf...

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