ISEB-BA1 Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis (Exam 7)

ISEB-BA1 Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis (Exam 7)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • An airline wishes to assess the punctuality of its flights.What type of business a...

  • When are the acceptance criteria for user acceptance testing defined?

  • The requirements catalogue documents the business user or users who requested the ...

  • Which of the following only includes explicit corporate knowledge?

  • Which of the following approaches is the variation of the Waterfall lifecycle that...

  • Which of the following is considered by the Boston Box?

  • In which of the following circumstances is supplier power high?

  • What does a force-field analysis consider?

  • What are business case development, subject matter expertise and procurement all e...

  • Which stage of the requirements engineering process precedes requirements validation?

  • An analyst investigating a sales system wishes to ask questions about how a custom...

  • Which of the following diagrams helps the business analyst to document a range of ...

  • Which stage of Isaksen and Treffinger's creative problem-solving model is concerne...

  • The term CATWOE provides a framework for defining and analysing business perspecti...

  • Which of the following is likely to be an input into the Analysing the Needs' stag...

  • An entity type is a template for its entity occurrences.Which of the following is ...

  • What are subsequent changes subject to once a requirements document has been signe...

  • When is the self-esteem of individuals affected by a change process usually at its...

  • What does the M stand for in MoSCoW?

  • Which of the following may be used as a basis for scripting acceptance tests?

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