ISEB-PM1 Foundation Certificate in Project Management (Exam 12)

ISEB-PM1 Foundation Certificate in Project Management (Exam 12)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • The Delphi Method is well-suited for:

  • A non-critical path activity is completed in half the time. Then,

  • Advantages of the functional (hierarchical) form of organization include _____ and...

  • During your project meeting, a problem was discussed, and a resolution to the prob...

  • Which of the following would most likely increase the accuracy of estimating the p...

  • You are a project manager of Software Product Company. After hired a person you go...

  • Risk Event Status is defined as _____ .

  • Which statement is TRUE about Present Value(PV)?

  • All of the following are tools and techniques of the Performance Reporting process...

  • Most project (and non-project) managers prefer _____ communications.

  • Employee unions would most likely satisfy which level in Maslow's hierarchy of needs?

  • A project manager believes that modifying the scope of the project may provide add...

  • What are the Scope Definition process tools and techniques?

  • All of the following statements about acceptance sampling are true except:

  • Who is responsible for issuing the project charter?

  • The use of quality circles:

  • You are a project manager working on gathering requirements and establishing estim...

  • You have been assigned to a project that will allow job seekers to fill out applic...

  • Planning activities such that predetermined resource availability pools are not ex...

  • As project manager, you wish to impose a standard method by which subordinates cal...

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