ISEB-PM1 Foundation Certificate in Project Management (Exam 22)

ISEB-PM1 Foundation Certificate in Project Management (Exam 22)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What quality control tool graphically represents how various elements of a system ...

  • Which tool and technique of quality planning involves comparing actual or planned ...

  • In which domain of project management would a Pareto chart provide useful informat...

  • What is the primary benefit of meeting quality requirements?

  • What is the name of the statistical method that helps identify which factors may i...

  • What is the term assigned to products or services having the same functional use b...

  • Which of the following provides a basis for assessing project performance?

  • Regardless of style, what information is shown in a process flowchart?

  • Which quality assurance tool and technique confirms the implementation of approved...

  • Which tool or technique uses the 80/20 principle?

  • What is a cost of nonconformance?

  • What is included in a control chart?

  • What tool and technique includes all costs incurred over the life of a product by ...

  • In a control chart, the consecutive measurements are 11, 13, 09, 07, 08, 09, 09, 0...

  • In which tool and technique is it possible to find a correlation between dependent...

  • A project manager arranges for project specific training for the new team members....

  • Which of the following describes the purpose of the quality control process?

  • What is an objective of the Developing Project Team Process?

  • Which tools or techniques will the project manager use for developing the project ...

  • When managing a project team, what helps to reduce the amount of conflict?

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