ISEB-PM1 Foundation Certificate in Project Management (Exam 25)

ISEB-PM1 Foundation Certificate in Project Management (Exam 25)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What risk technique is used to quantify the probability and impact of risks on pro...

  • What defines the portion of work included in a contract for items being purchased ...

  • Which of the following is an example of the simplest fixed-price contract?

  • Which of the following lists contain processes that are included within Project Pr...

  • Which type of analysis is used as a general management technique within the Plan P...

  • A purchase order for a specified item to be delivered by a specified date for a sp...

  • What is the tool and technique used to request seller responses?

  • A contract change control system defines which of the following?

  • In what type of contract is the seller reimbursed for all allowable costs for perf...

  • Who decides buyer and seller roles in a teaming agreement?

  • In which of the following contract types is a price ceiling set and any additional...

  • The degree of risk shared between the buyer and seller is determined by the:

  • Company A bought a well-defined project deliverable from Company B. Company A will...

  • Which project management process ensures the seller's performance meets procuremen...

  • Which contract type is typically used whenever the seller's performance period spa...

  • The project management information system is used as tools and techniques in which...

  • Final product transition is an output of which process?

  • Which of the following provides a standardized, effective, and efficient way to ce...

  • The approval of which of the following indicates formal initiation of the project?

  • Which one of the following is true regarding the change control board?

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