M70-101 Magento Certified Developer Exam (Exam 3)

M70-101 Magento Certified Developer Exam (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which one of the following controller classes couldrespond to this URL?:http://exa...

  • In which table could you find the order state?

  • Which of the following block methods is the best tooverride when there is a need t...

  • How many items will be added to the quote afteradding a configurable product to th...

  • Which of the following allows you to save a singleattribute value on an EAV entity?

  • When setData ('some', 'value') is called on an EAVentity and the entity is saved t...

  • In which of the following integrations should you use the MagentoAPI?

  • Which of the following is the default setup script class name?

  • In what order are the routers from the Magento corechecked for a matching route?De...

  • A custom frontend controller will extend which one of the followingclasses?

  • Which table stores information about the relationshipbetween configurable products...

  • Which of the following lines includes a payment method object?

  • What type of Magento class is an API resource?

  • A valid way to extend Mage_Adminhtml_Cms_PageController withthe Acme Cms Adminhtml...

  • When you register an event observer, which two ofthe following pieces of informati...

  • To update your order information from a third-partysystem using an XmlRpc call, yo...

  • To implement a standard Adminhtml form for acustom data model, which two of the fo...

  • Which three of the following object types will have aparent class found in the Mag...

  • Given a grid interface that extends fromMage_Adminhtml_Block_widget_Grid, which of...

  • When changes are made to more than one of acollection's items using setData ('some...

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