PRF PRINCE2 Foundation (Exam 1)

PRF PRINCE2 Foundation (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • When considering risks, which describes an opportunity in a project?

  • Which of the following statements about lines of authority and reporting are true?...

  • Which may be funded from a risk budget?

  • What is the first task of product-based planning?

  • How many tasks does the product-based planning technique describe?

  • Which is an objective of the quality review technique?

  • Which of the following refers to the actions identified to bring a situation to a ...

  • Which of the following statements about the Project Initiation Documentation are t...

  • Which is the purpose of the Change theme?

  • Why is a Project Brief produced?

  • In what process is the authorization to deliver the project's products given?

  • Which of the following is NOT part of quality planning?

  • Which should be provided by a project mandate?

  • Identify the missing word(s) in the following sentence, PRINCE2 recommends three l...

  • If a project's benefit tolerance is forecast to be exceeded, to whom should this b...

  • Which is a purpose of the Risk theme?

  • Which is part of the PRINCE2 definition of a project?

  • Identify the missing words in the following sentence, The six aspects of project p...

  • Which task is performed by the Change Authority?

  • Which process provides the Project Board with the information it requires in order...

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