PRF PRINCE2 Foundation (Exam 3)

PRF PRINCE2 Foundation (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which product summarizes progress and is used to decide whether to amend the proje...

  • What process is used by the Project Manager to maintain focus on delivery of a sta...

  • Which statement about the Directing a Project process is FALSE?

  • Which is a purpose of the Plans theme?

  • Which is a responsibility of a risk owner?

  • Which is a type of issue?

  • Which process provides the Project Board with sufficient information for it to rev...

  • Which of the following is NOT a purpose of the Closing a Project process?

  • Which is NOT a purpose of the Organization theme?

  • Which two roles are linked by the Managing Product Delivery process?

  • What process ensures focus on the delivery of a stage's products and avoids uncont...

  • Where should a Team Manager look for information on the quality required for a pro...

  • Which describes the 'Identify Risks' step within the recommended risk management p...

  • Which theme provides the controls to escalate any forecast beyond tolerance to the...

  • Which principle helps to define what should be included and what should be exclude...

  • Which statement defines a risk?

  • Which describes the 'Implement' step within the recommended risk management proced...

  • Which statement describes the Implement' step within the recommended risk manageme...

  • Upon what environment is PRINCE2 based?

  • When are tolerances for a Work Package agreed?

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