PRF PRINCE2 Foundation (Exam 8)

PRF PRINCE2 Foundation (Exam 8)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which enables the project's products and all interdependencies to be clearly ident...

  • Which should be funded from a change budget?

  • Which is a true statement about acceptance criteria?

  • Identify the missing words in the following sentence.When planning the next stage,...

  • A product can NOT be supplied to meet all of the requirements in its baselined Pro...

  • Which of the following are objectives of the Directing a Project process?Ensure co...

  • What theme establishes the mechanisms to judge whether a project is worthwhile inv...

  • Which statement applies to Stage Plans?

  • Which is NOT a benefit of using PRINCE2?

  • Which is NOT a PRINCE2 principle?

  • Which is a purpose of the Directing a Project process?

  • Which products, identified when creating a product breakdown structure, should eac...

  • What is used to identify any organization or interested party who needs to be info...

  • Which describes a risk effect?

  • What is a purpose of a Benefits Review Plan?

  • Identify the missing word(s) in the following sentence.During a quality review mee...

  • Which may be funded from a risk budget?

  • Which is a PRINCE2 time-driven control?

  • Which risk response type is a recommended response to both an opportunity and a th...

  • Which is a purpose of the Controlling a Stage process?

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