PTCB Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (Exam 4)

PTCB Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (Exam 4)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which of the following drugs would not be used to treat seizures?

  • 1 Lbs is equal to:

  • The drug name Oxycontin is an example of a:

  • Which phase of the FDA new drug application involves double-blind, placebo control...

  • Water freezes at 0°C and Boils at 100°C. What temperature in Farenheit will water ...

  • The fraction ¾ is equal to:

  • How many ML of active ingredient are in 1.5 Liter of a 17.5% solution?

  • The FDA publication of Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluat...

  • You have been asked to dilute and repackage 1 Liter of a 20% solution into 1 pint ...

  • Which drug would be used for athletes foot:

  • A drug class that causes a natural biological action to NOT occur is called:

  • Which dosage form would ensure the best bioavailability?

  • A patient is at your store buying a glucose monitor. The item sells for $69.99. Af...

  • A patient presents a prescription for Ibandronate 150mg #3. Your pharmacy has a 35...

  • A rolling cabinet at a hospital which is used to dispense emergency medication is ...

  • Which drug is not DEA controlled?

  • The decision to add new medications to a hospitals formulary are usually made by :

  • Which of the following would be a violation of OBRA?

  • Dr. Patel has prescribed Ms. Jones some antibacterial drops to treat Conjunctiviti...

  • Which of the following drugs is exempt from the PPPA locking cap requirements?

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