RCDD-001 BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer RCDD (Exam 10)

RCDD-001 BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer RCDD (Exam 10)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What is the highest typical ambient noise level where audio paging becomes unintel...

  • A properly designed distributed paging system will provide a sound pressure level ...

  • You are designing a paging system for a 588 sq m (6325 sq ft) open office space. D...

  • What is the recommended distance between ceiling mounted speakers in a hallway wit...

  • A space has all hard surfaces including architecture and furnishings. The audio pr...

  • Using the sound pressure level (SPL) method of approximating distance and power, c...

  • What are the three typical voltages used in centrally amplified paging systems?

  • For design purposes, loudspeakers are rated for a measured sound pressure level (S...

  • You are placing PTP fiber between two locations 55 km (34 miles) apart. You are to...

  • Data representation including code translations, compressions, and encryptions is ...

  • Geographically speaking, a ______ links two or more distant sites.

  • What type of address is 00-A1-C3-52-CE-11?

  • IPv-4 addresses are ________ bits in length.

  • You have been selected to recommend a solution to increase response time and add f...

  • The loop distance range in an "ethernet in the first mile" (EFM) design is:

  • ITU-T G.655 recommends which type of singlemode optical fiber?

  • The purpose of QoS on an IP network is for:

  • Route congestion and message priority are a few of the functions of what layer of ...

  • When considering the DAS, which component acts as a bidirectional antenna?

  • The MINIMUM number of antennas needed to create a DAS is:

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