SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test (Exam 8)

SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test (Exam 8)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Herbert had none of the social graces; he was appallingly ----.

  • The ---- shantytown was infested with vermin and ----with disease.

  • The gathering was anything but ----; the partygoers were in a(n) ---- mood.

  • When you are restive, you don't have much ----.

  • With speculative investments like oil wells and horse races, money is more easily ...

  • To tremble in the face of a storm is to ----.

  • Eleanor steadfastly refused to change her stubborn ways; she remained ---- to the ...

  • Benjamin Franklin said that ---- is not always a virtue; there are times when you ...

  • They ---- their offer of aid when they became disillusioned with the project

  • The firm's books were out of balance; there was a (n) ---- between the amount of p...

  • As a ---- he was a disaster, for his students rarely understood his lectures; yet ...

  • Far from the ---- crowds of the city, I find refuge at my ---- cabin on Big Lake.

  • The professor's oldest colleague was selected to give the __________ at the funeral.

  • The new team member's __________ was an encouragement to the rest of the team, who...

  • By the end of the campaign both candidates had resorted to __________ the other.

  • The cat __________ crept across the lawn, gracefully __________ the dog.

  • The storyteller's __________ anecdotes earned her the __________ attention of the ...

  • The bill became bogged down in a(n) __________ of contentious issues in a Senate s...

  • The outcome of the race seemed __________ before the leader's misstep on the final...

  • Though the new pharmaceutical regime was intended to be beneficial, its actual eff...

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